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Socially get a few ideals solved EAZY-E

Great person for belief you know there this cool kid yet he is an Adult. Well grew up around the genius guide of what I found daily. Memories help, me daily your out and aboout to enjoy walking and hiking labled my favorite must have each day ??? Without explored area , in my lifes alien , would prove to be short on time. So being ahead is the road ahead. I know many people. Since I was Young and how there is a connection in moral standing you reveal very rare people. Myself , I have been poor all my life yet take it from me I am very rich in goals agenda or complete scenarios. So I was Young and did not get too complete school. I was well taken care of not too worry. Recently I was thinking of counting how many celebrities and Star individuals I was social with. Too many to count. I find a perfect dream still if no one has time for me my body is giving heart problems I expected way more from myself or had trust but something paused my route was going to fix seems mom whom never trusted I could live on my own and know she was a great mom doing the take care of her house make sure dr.appointment, care and health was appointed correctly cuz my sis is well smart but smart is no where close for a genius to give up and move off. So also sis can't help, barely makes bills and spends extra. She drinks but more doubtful drugs are in her life. No one knows me any more. Use me too write a book I can give a few different drafts there a main problem I MUST get past now late in life too start want to go for college. Become licensed healthcare influence donate voluteer.ect... I was crazzy kid now aged man. So I will stay straight your girl about you show me a crazy wild really fun girl I will never lose what generals of war told me to protect. Foriegn dictators. Have all like my person yet they now past away. Won't get too see my children/ family's day to day. So if your a powerful role model find a way to help me please oh please ,ask me to explain. Mostly one need a vehicle. I am strong can work but I must find a way to test for STDs Cancer or so forth last few years went by and know help many attempts though. I will pay an individual money if a loan is made. Is it true that you could go mentally insane sitting at home for 10-15 years growing away from what was a abundant friendliest till zero friends and also depressed from worry. Wich is not normal . Worries are frequently day to day holding my surround to help sub value my activity. See I want too become a partner in relationship not until time is rite thing for us getting alone time for get too know past history and influential segments. Really Really want seeing healthy life start . My neighborhood is drugs and underground gangs. I could make you smile with this I know it's nasty but life fly if you let it never been in relationship no sexual encounters I could go to a bar and pick up a chicken of my choice but save the learn with a bond to your newly focused guide partner in life and love trust you know there???

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